Our trip is 4:30 hours or 8 hours as I informed you we can make depending on the needs of the customer what time they want to start.

We have two types of travel:

Normal fishing 2 hours of fishing and then they can swim by the beach and have a barbecue on the boat where it individually includes a sea bream 400gr salad, n village bread and seasonal fruit in private we have unlimited soft drinks and beers.

We have all the equipment and we provide training from the captain who has 45 years of experience.

Extreme fishing (Big Game) As I mentioned on the phone or suitable times are after 15:00 noon in this travel option It is possible to catch Tuna fish or Seriola dumerilli and on this trip there is a barbecue on the boat and they can swim next to the beach, and we provide all the appropriate equipment.

✔ Μπύρα
✔ Εξοπλισμός Ψαρέματος
✔ Πλήρες Γεύμα ή Δείπνο
✔ Τοπικό Κρασί
✔ Κολατσιό
✔ Αναψυκτικά και Νερό

You should bring with you
✔ Καπέλο
✔ Γυαλιά Ηλίου
✔ Αντηλιακό


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Rhodes is an island in Greece located in the southeastern Aegean and belongs to the Dodecanese. It is located about 450 km southeast of Athens and 18 km southwest of Turkey.

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