About us

What is our idea? 

Our website is: www.fishingtrips.gr, www.greece-fishingtrips.com (with some more about Domain names). Initially the website will be bilingual Greek and English, later on we will also consider adding other languages, such as Russian, French, Italian etc.

Generally, our goal is to create a service-oriented company on the internet - a portal equipped with functions that will allow each of our website visitor to plan everything for his holidays (i.e. hotels, restaurants, shopping, his daily program and not just these but also fishing ....) in his chosen place of interest so long as it is within our service locations (see the map at our homepage), whether or not other existing information is available for the area.

Briefly in other words, by using what Greece already has to offer - its commercial fishing vessels and the beauty of our sea, our "friend", the internet, will take us by hands and lead us on a journey of knowledge, tastes, and experiences without many words and expense.  Through our "friend", we will explore and gain experience on whatever the sea has to offer from the people whose lives are spent near the sea, through information sharing this can be accomplished whether or not ourselves have physical presence in a particular place or not.

What are our objectives!

By running a healthy and profitable business, we can contribute to our regional tourism development, and in the process of doing so, to increase the incomes of other professionals, our partners.

Keeping in mind that our abundant love - the (sea) "liquid asset" - is by no means our private property, it belongs to all of us and our children; and especially for our next generation, they should perceive so and have the similar awareness and experience like us....

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